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When the weather turns and the snow starts to fall, it can be quite stressful for a business owner. As the snow gets deeper, your customers no longer have easy access to your property, and you could potentially lose out. Hiring a company that deals with commercial snow removal and ice management in Elkhart IN is essential if you are going to ensure your business is always safe and easy for your customers to visit. At Quality Lawn Services, we are highly trained specialists in snow removal and ice management. For years, we have been taking care of a multitude of businesses in the area, making sure that they can focus on their work even when the weather is at its worst. Our services are here to make your working life less stressful no matter what is happening outside.

Our Various Commercial Snow Removal Ice Management Services

Snow Plowing

Snow can have a big impact on your business operations, so the snow must be removed as soon as possible. Our snow plowing service is the perfect solution as we use state-of-the-art equipment for the plowing, and we track weather conditions to stay one step ahead of the snow. Our fleet is also available 24/7, so you never have to wait around during an emergency. Give us a call today so we can carry out an assessment of your business and ensure that you’ll never have to be left snowed under.

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Ice Salting Services

At Quality Lawn Services, we want to ensure that every weather situation is covered, including bad ice events. Therefore, we offer ice salting services for the parking lot and sidewalks to treat the surface and get rid of the ice as quickly as possible. Keeping these areas ice-free will prevent your customers or staff from having a serious accident. Keep everyone safe with our ice salting service.

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Walkway Shoveling

Walkway shoveling is also an important job to carry out if you want to keep everyone safe. It’s so easy to slip and fall on a snowy surface, and we are certain that you never want your team or customers to have to deal with something like this. Our walkway shoveling offers precision to guarantee that every inch of the walkway is clear. We can have your walkway snow-free before you even open and prevent any accidents.

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Why Choose Our Commercial Snow Removal Ice Management in Elkhart IN

As business owners yourself, you’ll know how important it is to be professional, reliable, and trusted in your industry. Therefore, when you hire the services of another company, you’ll expect the same kind of standards. At Quality Lawn Services, we understand this, and thus we go above and beyond in all our work to provide professional, high quality, and reputable services. Every team member is highly qualified and trained. We always achieve 100% customer satisfaction, and we are highly professional in our commercial snow removal and ice management in Elkhart IN. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. However, with our outstanding level of service and fantastic prices, we know you’re going to love using us.

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Working with us is easy from start to finish. When you request a quote, we’ll get back to you as fast as we can so you can see our fantastic prices for yourself. We’ll never waste your time or make you chase us. 


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When it comes to booking the job, we don’t want you to feel any stress. That’s why we always work around your schedule. The most convenient time for you is the most convenient time for us, too. 


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Once the job has been booked, you can sit back and relax as our team goes to work. Our great reputation means you don’t have to worry about a thing. You can simply rest and look forward to the results. 

Frequently Asked Commercial Snow Removal Ice Management Questions

For all our services, we always use top-grade equipment that is effective and safe. Our snow plows are state-of-the-art, as are any other tools we need to use. You can be sure that we use only the best equipment and technology to provide outstanding results time and time again.

The answer will depend on several factors, including the amount of snowfall, which services are required, and how large the area is. However, in general, snow plowing, for example, will typically take a few hours. However, we can give you a more accurate answer after we have been able to assess your commercial property.

Our fleet of salt trucks is always ready to ensure that your parking lot and walkways are cleared quickly during an ice event. We use salt that is extremely effective and gets to work fast while also being completely safe for the environment.

We calculate our costs based on your requirements. Please get in touch with our friendly team so we can carry out an assessment and give you an accurate price.

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